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Two pieces of string, a thimble, whipped cream & peanut butter

all the makings of a wild time

22 January
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About us... We're a young, funky, hip couple from Fort Myers Florida. The shithead capital of the world. We're surrounded with old people wacking their balls on the golf course, driving slowly on McGregor Blvd. (2 lane street, no way of passing those fuckers). Surrounded with the old and decaying whilst in the midst of a sexual revolution. How fucking convenient is that?

Here is some more information:

Her(tB): Look at the picture. Gorgeous. Right?

Who would also think that on top of that, she's intelligent, funny, sweet, caring, loyal... and every mans dream... bi-sexual :)

She is 20 years of age... one year shy of us having any type of social life in Fort Myers. This sucks for us because we'd love to start meeting new couples and girls in REAL life rather than the internet, but we cant go out to a place that serves alcohol because she's less than a year underage. Bullpoo.

He(tG): He's a lucky guy who got a hot girlfriend before she got too big of an ego (hahhahaha... jk... sorta.. ).

I am a whole HEAP of things, with only conceited, retarded, and pink being excluded.

I like the sound of my own thoughts, so much so that they seem to gangbang my brain everynight.

Imagine an intercranial orgy of electrons screaming their relentless moans and grunts throughout the night.

Think about the echoes of their passion reverberating off the hard resonant surface of my skull.

Thank you very much, you've enjoyed the "see what its like to be (tG)" ride. Thank you and please come again.

You can always read his MySpace profile at MySpace.com
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